Export A Quality Aimix Small Concrete Batching Plant to The Philippines

You can now get all the benefits of a small concrete batch plant at a much lower cost. See about the quality machines available from Aimix online if you decide that this convenient machine is right for your needs. You can ask for a quote and then have the company ship your machine to you wherever you are – even the Philippines.

Is A Small Concrete Batch Plant Right?

If you need a machine that can produce no-slump concrete, harsh concrete, semi-dry or wet concrete, you may be a good candidate for the small concrete batch plants for sale philippines. These will mix aggregates just like the larger or stationary machines do but they are much less expensive.

small concrete batch plant for sale

small concrete batch plant for sale

They can be used for bridge building, road construction, port work or even electric power construction. What makes them great is that they not only come with a lower plant price tag but that they can also be transported wherever you need to take them.

Take on a job that is hundreds of miles from you. Now, you can mix your concrete on the job site anywhere the job is located. The small concrete plant can be moved using the trailer that it comes with. The only additional cost in working with the machine is the fuel that it requires when being taken to a distant location.

Set up is easy. Once the machine has been positioned from the trailer it can be up and running an hour or two. These machines are convenient and easy to operate.

small batching and mixing plant

small batching and mixing plant

Because they do not need a foundation to be installed they are ready to go to work almost instantly. Think of the way you can increase your productivity with a small plant! Just pour the aggregate in, and let it mix.

Where to Buy the Right Batching Plant

Shopping for a machine is best done online. Here you can find dealers from all over the world and see their product photos and details quite easily. You can also research the manufacturer to make sure that you are going to be dealing with a company that has a commitment to quality.

small mobile type concrete plant

small mobile type concrete plant

The Internet has made it easy to buy from a company no matter how far away they are. If your company is in the Philippines and you want a quality small batching plant, shop for one from a manufacturer known for providing excellent services and products to companies like yours.

When you buy from a company that has a good track record of working with companies in Philippines you can be sure that you will be happy with the product you ordered.

One of the best companies to work with is Aimix. The offer new and proven ranges of small concrete batching plants. All you need to do is select the product that interests you and send an online request for a quote. When you find the perfect machine, place your order and get it shipped to you.

All products are made with excellence. Your company will benefit from using its own small concrete batching plant exported from Aimix! Look here to learn more information: https://www.linkedin.com/in/machinery-aimix-group-8b2453174/detail/recent-activity/.

The Advantages Of Purchasing A Small Concrete Batching Plant For Your Project

If you have an upcoming construction project that is going to require a lot of concrete, you may want to consider investing in a mobile small concrete batching plant for sale. These plants are not only relatively affordable and easy to operate but they also provide a number of benefits when compared to having concrete delivered.


Small batching plants are designed to be portable, allowing you to easily take them from one location to another. Setting up and tearing down the plant is a simple, straightforward process that can be completed quickly with very few workers. That makes it fast and easy to move the small plant between locations, providing you with a lot of versatility in terms of where you want to set up shop for your project. Because you are mixing the concrete yourself, you get to decide which ingredients are included in the mix. As a result, you can formulate your concrete to whatever specifications your project requires, helping to ensure that it is strong enough and that it won’t crack or break.

High Efficiency

Even though these Pakistan concrete equipment is small, they still allow you to produce a large volume of concrete. You shouldn’t have any trouble creating a steady supply of concrete for small to medium-sized construction projects.

Because you can set the plant up close to where your project is located, you don’t have to worry about wasting a lot of time transporting the concrete to the job site. Nothing is worse than having workers ready to go but no concrete on hand because of traffic delays or other unforeseen events. By setting the batching plant up close to the job site, these problems are eliminated, helping to ensure that you have access to the concrete that you need exactly when you need it.


These small portable concrete batch plants can also save you money by significantly reducing transportation costs. Instead of having to pay a company to haul the concrete to the site for you, you can take care of it yourself. The cost of fuel is also much lower since the concrete needs to be carried over a far shorter distance.

Another great thing about these plants is that they are relatively affordable compared to full-sized batching plants. When you consider how much money they can save you in the long run, it is easy to see that they are a smart investment for your business – especially if you regularly work on projects where concrete is required.

Purchasing a small concrete batch plant for sale for your project is an excellent option. There are a number of advantages for your business. From an efficiency standpoint, these plants are a far better option than transporting concrete from a faraway location. They make it fast and easy to get the concrete from the batching plant to the job site without any unnecessary delays. They also help keep the cost of the project down by eliminating pesky transportation fees.

Additionally, they give you an opportunity to precisely control the concrete mix, helping to ensure that the concrete that you use in your project is correctly mixed for the job.

Look At Mini Concrete Batching Plants For Sale To See What You Need

You’re starting to take a look at the batching plants for sale that produce concrete. There are quite a few different models out there, and maybe what you need is a smaller one. They are called mini concrete mixing plants, and they are portable and very handy. You take them to the job site, and that goes for any construction site, even the most remote locations.

mobile concrete batching plant

mobile concrete batching plant

You can take a concrete mixing truck to any location, too, so why get a mini batching plant? Perhaps you don’t need a big truck, and you would rather go ahead and save money by purchasing a mini mixing plant. You would need to make sure that it’s going to produce the amount of concrete that you need daily. Have you done those calculations yet?

You may not have seen what the mini mixing plants can do yet, but you sure do know how much concrete your business is going to need to produce for its projects. As you prepare to start looking at the small concrete plant, are you familiar with the costs? If not, you’re likely to be pleasantly surprised. Most people say that these plants are quite affordable, though basic in regards to their features.

mini concrete batching plant

mini concrete batching plant

You will want to keep that in mind as you decide on what you need out of a mobile batch plant. They feature a user-friendly design, and they are quite easy to set up. They are also quite durable, seeing as how they are made out of steel. You get to mix your concrete at the site of your project, which means it can be put to use immediately.

What happens if you mix it in a concrete truck, but it takes you longer to get to your destination? That may mean the concrete has to be doctored in order for it to be used on the project in question. You are going to have to think about that as you get a mobile batching plant to use for your construction business. Check more details here: https://mobileconcretebatchingplant.net/automatic-batching-plant/.

mini mobile concrete plant

mini mobile concrete plant

The truck is one of your options when it comes to mobile mixing plants, but the portable concrete plant is preferred by some construction company owners. They are convenient, and if they are what you need, you also don’t have to spend as much money. They are actually quite compact and very professional looking. Those big bulky trucks get dirty, need automotive maintenance performed and everything.

However, that doesn’t mean that there aren’t many advantages to using a mobile mixing truck. There are advantages for sure, and many people do like to use them. They can make large loads of concrete to use for much bigger projects. It’s all in what you need for your construction company. Ideally, it would be nice to be able to use a stationary concrete plant for the work you need done. You could pick up a new one at a discount, and you could always have concrete on the fly. That would be great for your concrete needs if it fits.

The Top Advantages Of Mini Concrete Plants

Are you on the market for a concrete plant because if you are, then consider buying a mini one (мини бетонный завод купить). There are many advantages of mini concrete plants and you’ll want to know what the top advantages are. With that said, read on to find out what some of these advantages and benefits are.

Mining Concrete Batching Plant

Mining Concrete Batching Plants For Sale

Durable & Functional

One of the best things about mini concrete plants is their durability. They have a solid build and can work in various operating conditions. You don’t have to worry about concrete becoming compromised either, and installing the mixer is easy and won’t take long. In fact, installing the mobile concrete mixer can be done in as little as 3-4 days.

You can count on a mini concrete plant to function the way it should. This will result in less headaches and delays. When it comes to producing concrete, you need equipment that is functional. That is exactly what you get with a mini concrete plant.

Saves Space

Another advantage of a mini concrete plant is their size, as it is not that large. It is an excellent space saver, so if you have to produce concrete on a construction site that doesn’t have much space, then don’t worry. A mini concrete plant can easily be placed within the area. It doesn’t matter what kind of construction site (строительная площадка) or project site you’re on, you should have no issues with getting a mini concrete plant on the site, which is not always the case with standard size equipment.

Mini Concrete Batching Plant Price

Mini Concrete Batching Plant Cost

Advanced Technology

Another benefit of mini concrete plants is they have been modernized, which means the newer models often come equipped with advanced technology. Different manufacturers’ equipment has different features, but most will have some sort of advanced tech. This means the equipment runs efficiently and will aid in your work in a way that will help you get the job done in the most efficient way possible.

Here’s a tip, know what technology a concrete plant comes with. You might not really need some of the tech that’s included, but the choice is up to you. Nonetheless, still make sure you know what the equipment comes with. Click this link to learn more useful informations about mini concrete plant : https://batchingplant.ru/mini-concrete-plant/.


Finally, a mini concrete plant is affordable, far more affordable than other types of equipment. Different factors determine how much you’ll pay for a concrete plant, such as the brand, the model and whether it’s used or new, as well as what kind of special features it has. Generally speaking, you should have no problems finding one that suits your budget.

The key is to compare many makes and models. If you want to save cash, then buy a used one. Just remember, used equipment might have significant wear and tear, which is why you should consider buying a new mini concrete plant.

Do you want to reap all of the benefits that mini concrete plants offer? How about enjoying the advantages mentioned above? If you do, then browse as many mini concrete plants as you can and then choose the one you like the most. China AIMIX can be a quite good choice

The Top Reasons To Own A Mini Mobile Concrete Batching Plant

Do you have a mini mobile concrete batching plant (мини мобильный бетонный завод) that you use at your company every day? If you don’t, you want to get one. Some people believe it’s easier to take the concrete from the main batching plant to the different job sites. However, if you have the smaller ones, you can dispatch them to virtually any location to complete the work that needs to be done. They are designed to be easy to hook up, and also to use. They will come with controls that will help you connect everything together. This will allow you to save money, and also produce more output, using these unique mobile concrete batching plants that many large companies have today.

Mini Mobile Concrete Mixing Plant YHZS35

Mini Mobile Concrete Mixing Plant 35 m3/h

Why Should You Own A Few Of These?

There are a couple reasons why you should consider buying a mini mobile concrete batching plant. First of all, you can take on more jobs that are not in your city or town. You can dispatch workers easily, and as long as they are bringing all of the aggregate material, and the cement, they can easily do these jobs with the materials they bring with them. The reason that this is sometimes better than simply sending the concrete in a concrete mixing truck is that you’re going to get a better consistency with the concrete that you are mixing right there. Therefore, it’s going to be easy to do, and the efficiency levels of these machines is quite high. However, that’s only for some of the companies that produce these every day.

How to Find Companies That Produce These Products?

Businesses that produce these products are in many locations throughout the Orient (производитель в Китае). This is where you can save a lot of money. You will be given the ability pick and choose from the many different ones that are there. Some of them will be not only affordable but some of their most efficient models. Others are simply going to be on sale. If you are looking to spend the least amount of money, you should consider searching until you find one that is the most affordable. By the end of the week, or perhaps even sooner, you will have chosen the ones that you want that can be delivered.

Mini Mobile Concrete Mixing Plant Price

Mini Mobile Concrete Mixing Plant Cost

Why It Is Advantageous To Get More Than One

It is actually beneficial to have at least two or three of these. If you have a medium to large sized company, even more than that is recommended. For those that are trying to find a way to expand their business, there is really no better way than to add these mini mobile concrete batching plants that you can bring to any location. The more of them that you have, the faster you will be able to complete local jobs that you are doing as well. If you have a large jobsite that you are working on that requires concrete at several different locations, these are also going to help you.

If you don’t have the ability to take on more jobs, it’s probably because you don’t have enough equipment. If you can get this equipment from companies in China that sell miniature mobile concrete batching plants, you are going to really expand your ability to do this type of work. Some prefer to only use batching plants that are stationary and trucks to deliver the concrete. Once you start using these, you will see why they are very helpful in completing jobs more quickly and expanding your ability to take on more work. If you want to learn more about mini mobile concrete batching plant, you can visit this website: https://aimixgroup.ru/mini-mobilinyj-betonnyj-zavod/.

The Benefits Of Using Horizontal Concrete Mixers

Horizontal concrete mixers are extremely useful items to have for any construction business that deals with concrete regularly. These utilize a horizontal shaft, typically with a spiral blade mixer, allowing the concrete to be mixed at a high rate of speed. Unlike standard concrete mixers that are at an angle, or perhaps vertical, these can process concrete at a much more rapid pace. Therefore horizontal concrete mixer is usually used as a mixing machine in a concrete mixing plant (бетонный завод). Here are some of the other benefits associated with owning and using horizontal concrete mixers that can help accelerate the process by which you complete jobs involving concrete.

Concrete Mixers sale

Concrete Mixers in China

How Do Horizontal Concrete Mixers Work?

In general, these concrete mixers have a very high rate of productivity. For example, you can get about 150 cu. yards of material produced every hour with smaller ones, and nearly triple that with larger units. This will limit the number of loads that you will have to take from your main location to the jobsite because of how much will be produced. Of course, you will need to have a cement mixer vehicle where you can load the material and have it sent. By mixing it with this unit, it can accelerate production for your business

Specifications Related To These Mixers

Some of the specifications will include settings for general use, and also paving use, both of which are common in this industry. Both have 30 second mixing time, discharging everything in about 21 seconds. At this speed, you can produce thousands of gallons of concrete very easily, but you have to get one that is large enough to help your business grow quickly. It may cost more to have larger units, but the return on investment is going to be great because of the higher rate of production that they will provide for you. In addition, if you need a lot of concrete, buying a large stationary concrete batching plant is a good choice.

Concrete Mixers China for sale

Buy Concrete Mixers China

Best Features On These Mixing Drums

The best features include greater amounts of concrete produced by volume. They are also very versatile mixers. They typically use compulsory mixing action and steel blades, helping to speed up the process by which the concrete is prepared. Most of these have a very low set up cost. They are literally ready to use right out of the crate. The down time for learning how to use them is minimal as they are simply larger concrete mixers that operate on a vertical plane.

If you need to invest in a new concrete mixer, you should consider getting a horizontal spiral blade shaft mixer for your company. These are going to help you keep up with production, regardless of how many jobs you take on, and you will certainly be taking more jobs because of this accelerated rates of concrete production. If you do have one already, this is going to be very easy to set up and use. Just make sure you are purchasing your new one from a reliable business that has customers worldwide. This will ensure that the quality of the machine will be very high when using a business that has been doing this for many years or decades in this industry. If you want to buy a new concrete mixer, Aimix China is a good choice.

Important Facts About Stationary Concrete Mixers

There are countless different uses for concrete in the construction industry. From pouring driveways and patios to building foundations for some of the world’s tallest buildings, this strong, durable material is incredibly versatile, affordable, and easy to use.

One of the challenges of working with concrete, however, is properly mixing it. Without the right ratio of cement, aggregate, and water, the concrete won’t perform as expected. This is where stationary concrete mixer can help. These specialized machines are designed specifically for mixing concrete. In many cases, they store, measure, and mix all of the components required for a batch of concrete. This can help ensure consistency from one batch to the next.

Stationary mixers also tend to be relatively easy to clean. Keeping the machine clean is especially important when working with concrete. Any material that is left behind can pose a real problem if it is allowed to set in place. Because of that, these machines need to be cleaned out immediately after use. Stationary mixers simplify this process compared to other types of concrete mixing machines.

stationary concrete mixers

stationary concrete mixer

It is also important to note that even though these machines are referred to as “stationary” machines, they can usually be moved from one area to another. Although they are not on wheels like many other types of concrete mixers, they can still be broken down, transported, and set up again relatively quickly and easily. This means that you can use them on the job site just like you would with any other concrete mixer. This gives you the convenience of portability with all of the benefits that a stationary mixer provides.

Overages and shortages are a real problem for people in the concrete industry. Without precise measurements, you could wind up mixing more or less concrete than you actually need. Mixing too much concrete is wasteful and can wind up costing you money, cutting into your profits for the job. On the other hand, mixing too little concrete can slow down production times, putting you behind schedule. Fixed concrete mixer allows you to precisely control the measurements, helping to ensure that you mix exactly the right amount of concrete every single time. This can save you time and money.

There are several different styles of stationary concrete mixers on the market including twin shaft mixers, drum mixers, and vertical axis mixers. Of these three, drum mixers are by far the most popular and commonly used. More detaisl on http://aimixconcretemixer.com/stationary-concrete-mixer-for-sale/.

Now that you know some of the facts about stationary concrete mixers, you should have a better idea of how they work and what types of applications they can be used for. Based on this information, you should then be able to decide whether or not they are the right choice for your business. Generally, if you work with concrete on a regular basis or if you require precise mixes, one of these machines can be a great choice. They provide a superior level of control and precision over other common types of concrete mixing machines. Interested in concrete mixer? Want more details? Aimix sums up a lot on http://aimixconcretemixer.com/.

The Operation Precautions of Central Mix Concrete Plant

The use of central mixing plant is increasing these days for medium and large sized construction of bridges, roads, railways and building etc. they can be used to mix lightweight aggregate, dry-hard concrete, various types of mortar and plastic concrete etc due to their large output capacity and high working efficiency. Though these plants are considered ideal for certain constructions still they need careful operation. Some of the operation precautions of central mix concrete plant are provided here under to guide you in this regard.

One of the operation precautions of central mix concrete plant is proper batching of all the materials to be used in making a successful concrete mixture. The process of measuring the materials to be used in a batch of concrete by weight or by volume and bringing them into the mixer plant is known as Batching. Before starting the operations of central mix concrete plant or ant other types of plant, such as mobile ready mix concrete plant or dry batch plant, the operator has to follow some essential steps including suitable arrangement of the equipment and materials, correct measurement of the materials and quality assurance.

central mix concrete batching plant price

Before starting the process of any mixing or batching it is necessary to consult the design specifications of the concrete. The design specification of a batch of concrete includes information about the volume and types of materials, the design of the mix and the strength of the end product. Try more: http://www.concrete-batching-plant.net/.

The consideration of the components to be mixed is one of the operation precautions of central mix concrete plant as before starting the process to ensure the achievement of a uniform mixture of concrete as many components are mixed in it.

During the process mixing concrete certain other factors should also be considered for proper operation of the central mixing or mobile concrete batch plants. These factors may include shape of the mixing chamber, angle, location and shape of the mixing blades, horsepower and speed of rotation.

The operation precautions of central mix concrete plant also include consistent mixing of all the components of each batch as per the design specification of the concrete to get end product with uncompromised strength.

The mixers used in central mix concrete plant can be classified into three types- pan mixer, drum mixer and continuous mixer. All these mixer types can be classified again into continuous or batched mixer, forced movement or free falling mixer and portable or stationary mixer. So before starting a concrete mixing process it is important to choose the type of mixer you want to use for your construction work.

The determination of mixing time is one of the operation precautions of central mix concrete plant,  ready mixed concrete plant or portable concrete plants for sale after deciding the type of mixer to be used. The mixing time is the time period taken to mix the concrete as per requirement after fully charging the mixer with all the ingredients. Mixing time depends on various factors like speed of rotation, condition and type of the mixer, nature of materials and size of charge. The mixing time for each batch cannot be standardized as different types of mixers take different time period to complete the process. But mixing time should be a bit longer if you want to get stiffer concrete.

Advantages of Small Concrete Batching Plants

With the expansion of city and rural construction projects in the country, the demand for small portable concrete batch plant has increased tremendously. Portable or small batching plants have their own advantages as well as disadvantages. Small concrete batching plants are ideal for small to medium construction projects. They can be easily moved from site to site without any hassle. This is why these batching plants have become extremely popular these days. This article provides an overview of the important benefits of a portable concrete batching plant.

small concrete plant

A small batching plant is named in such a way, not because the equipment is small. It is named after the type of equipment such as the 25-plant, 35-plant or 50-plant. The equipment of this plant is pretty standard. The production of such a plant is of high efficacy and stable most of the time. On the other hand, the investment for such a plant is quite low compared to other batching plants on the market.

It will reduce your overall investment on concrete equipment for your site. Also, the maintenance costs of a batching concrete plant are quite low compared to bigger plants. These are some of the salient features of owning a small concrete plan on your construction site. A small mixing plant is mostly used for rural constructions these days. Investing in a small plant has many advantages, and the rate of return is quite high. You need a small amount of time and manpower to work the plant efficiently.

A concrete mixing plant comes with numerous advantages. It helps the construction site have a steady supply of high-quality concrete. The concrete is produced under controlled conditions using the highest quality raw materials. You are in charge of the production process. Hence, you have full control over what ingredients you use to produce the highest quality concrete for your project. Find reliable concrete plant manufacturers to get a good quality concrete batching plant for your project.

This will improve the overall quality and productivity of your construction project. Your consumer will be happy that you carry on with the construction quickly without any interruptions. All this is possible thanks to the concrete batching plan on your site.

A construction manager will not have to depend on third party concrete delivery services to conduct the operations of their construction project. There will not be traffic impediments and delays which will help improve the efficiency of your work. The employees will be constantly engaged in their work and not idling around until they receive the supply of concrete. The concrete is produced on site to the highest quality. These are some of the important advantages of having your own concrete batching plant on site.

Purchasing a mini concrete batch plant should be done with utmost care. Even though there are many concrete batch plants on the market, all these products are not created equal. A batch plant comes with its own advantages and disadvantages. This article provides a comprehensive overview of important advantages of owning a small concrete batch plant on your construction site. If you want to learn more about this issue, you can visit this page: http://batchingplants.net/small-concrete-batching-plant/.

All You Need to Know About The Reverse Concrete Mixer

What is a reverse drum concrete mixer?

All beautiful buildings are made from concrete. It is very useful industrial ingredient that has made possible wonderful architectural structures. So, how does concrete give shape to such magnificent structures?

The difficulty lies in processing it into a usable form and is either done manually or through intelligent machinery, and such machines are called concrete mixers. There are various types of concrete mixers; of which reverse concrete mixer is one of the most commonly used ones.

This type of mixer qualifies as the non-titling category of tilting drum type concrete mixer and has a simple horizontal structure with the drum rotating about a fixed axis. There are 2 opening to the drum, inlet for material on one side and outlet for the discharge of the finished product.

Reverse Concrete Mixer

How does it work?

The working principle is pretty simple and construction of these are less complex, but require precise analysis of the quality of the batch needed to be created. There are 2 directions of rotation in the mixer, mixing cycle and the discharge cycle.

When the material is pushed inside the drum via the inlet chute, the direction is as such that the material is lifted and toppled for mixing.
Once the required density and consistency is achieved, the direction of rotation is reversed. The blade arrangement in side is such that it mashes the mixture towards the exit chute and concrete is pushed out.


Certain features of this system include its efficient mixing ability which reduces the build-up left inside the drum and thus low wastage.

It has short processing period but only small amounts can be processed at a time.
There is not much wear and tear in the system as the drum rotates independent of the support structure and has a fixed mounting. Thus there is no excess load on the gear systems. That are brilliant features of drum concrete mixer.
Further, tubes or tyres could be used as supports for the drum and hence lower amount of energy losses and better support in the system.
It can be considered as a low maintenance, but more efficient mixer in its category based on its capacity.

Reversible concrete mixer is popular because they make it real easy to get the job done. And more, it has a proper mixing cycle which means that the buildings stay stronger and have a better foundation.